Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 2 Reflections

Today's activities
We met at the function room at 7:20 a.m. for breakfast. After breakfast, our group, Project 5, headed to the Civil Engineering lab to conduct our activities. We had a briefing from Dr Cheung Sai Hung and his assistants. We then proceeded to start planning our build. Then, we started building the water tower.  Even though our water tower was far from the best, we still had lots of fun building it.

Learning Points
I learnt that some shapes are more stable and distribute weight more evenly than others, such as triangles. As the group leader, I also learnt how to work better with my group in order to get more work done efficiently.

How it has affected my understanding of the discipline?
I now know that there is more to building design than just aesthetics or features, which are both important, but actually being able to efficiently make the structure safe and stable while still maintaining it's looks and use is more important.

How can it be applied elsewhere?
I am able to apply this knowledge in the current ADMT topic, which is Architectural Design, as the stability of a building is fundamental to it's safety and design.

My insights
Even though we had some good ideas about how the water tower should be built, we thought we had a long time to do it, and procrastinated. In the end, we did finish our tower, but many parts of it were rushed and not done properly. Therefore, our water tower was not very successful. If I had a chance to redo the whole project, I would have got the group to start working on the tower earlier, as it would have definitely made it a lot better.

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