Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 1 Reflections

1. What sounds interesting about this project?
I like the fact that it applies to real world situations and benefit us outside of this program. It it also a competition, which will motivate us to do better in order to win.

2. What do you think you can learn from this project?
I think I would be able to learn about the factors affecting the integrity of a structure, as well as what kind of shapes or objects would make the structure more stable. I would then be able to apply this knowledge into other real-world situations such architectural design. 

3. Any immediate questions regarding the project?
I would like to know how the concept of the water tower or the concept of stable structures can be used in everyday life. I also wonder if there are more efficient or practical ways of creating something with the same purpose of the water tower, which do not take up as much space.

1 point from each Plenary session, total of 3.

1. I learnt that the different layers of sediment in the ground accumulated over the history of the earth, we can find out when natural disasters happen, and how serious they were. Also, by studying the occurring patterns of natural disasters, we are able to predict when it might occur next and take steps to reduce it's impact.

2. I learnt that creating an animation from scratch takes a lot of effort, taking hundreds of artists and lots of hands-on work. Many different processes are also used, such as drawing every single frame, painting them, and putting everything together.
However, the producers do not give up and eventually completed the whole anime, some of them taking years to complete. This shows that they have great perseverance and motivation to keep going. I learnt that as long as I work hard towards something, I will be able to reach it some day.
"Everybody can be an inventor. Take the first step, start something big. Keep it simple and perfect it later." (-Prof Seah Hock Soon, 2013)

3. I learnt that even though the world may already seem so technologically advanced, there are still lots of things that we have not made use of yet, such as nanotechnology, which brings technology to a whole new level, quite literally so. I feel that we have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg on how potentially effective technology can be.

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